Tax Exempt Purchases

Who may qualify for tax-exempt purchases?

Nonprofit organizations

Schools, public charities, churches and other religious entities, and other nonprofit organizations generally qualify under federal law. A tax exemption certificate is required.


Foreign diplomats, agents of foreign governments, and other individuals may be exempt from paying state and state-collected sales tax. A sales tax exemption card, such as a federal government purchase card or foreign diplomat card, is required.

Federal and state governments

The U.S. government, its agencies, and its instrumentalities may make exempt purchases of goods and services. An exemption certificate or copy of government purchase card is required.

Are there payment method restrictions for tax exempt purchases?

Many states require organizations, schools, churches and hospitals to use organizational funds. This means that the credit card used must be issued by the organization to receive tax exempt status. The personal credit card of an employee working for a tax exempt organization cannot be used.

How do I receive an updated receipt?

If you need a receipt for your records that reflects the tax exempt refund you received, sign in to your account and print a receipt. The receipt will show the credit as an adjustment to your order.

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